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Keep Kool Misting System
The Keep Kool Misting System is custom-designed to meet the requirements of agriculture, horticulture and a variety of other industries.

This highly effective system provides precise temperature and humidity control, irrigation and dust suppression in a wide range of applications, including poultry, dairy and hog houses, greenhouses, mushroom growing operations, manufacturing, and any application where cooling or fogging is required.

Keep Kool is committed to the highest quality of workmanship, materials and technology. Systems can be custom quoted to your needs.

The 1/2" O.D. stainless tubing, operating at 1000 P.S.I. with our heavy-duty continuous-use pump unit, is ideal for hot summer days when effective cooling is needed most. The fog nozzle converts ordinary water into billions of micron-sized moisture particles when operating at 700 P.S.I. or higher. The fogging nozzle generates 10 to 15 micron-sized water particles which flash-evaporate as they float through the air.

Keep Kool is specially engineered to provide optimal temperature control, irrigation, misting and humidity standards for all greenhouse operations.
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